What information do I need to provide in order to use MANABAS?

We will send you an application form and you have to fill in and return to us with the following information
- Vehicle information
- Route and system information
- Staff and Route (Staff: all daily bus routes and times, Route: one bus route and time)
- Location of bus stops

Can I provide GTFS as data?

You are welcome to provide GTFS data, which can be used for Google Map Transfer Guides.
If you provide us with GTFS, we will pay you half the data registration fee.

Is it possible to have more than one language?

Yes, it is possible.
Multilingual functionality is included in the basic price. You will need to provide your own language data for bus stops and route names. We currently support the following languages
- English
- Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
- Korean

How long does it take to install the system on 20 buses?

The fastest period we have been able to achieve is around 1.5 months, but this may vary depends on the situation. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have a definite date for the service launch.

Is it possible have the on-board devices with special features like speech synthesis?

Development is needed for this kind of custmization. Please contact us for a separate quotation.

Are there any location devices other than smartphones?

We have a devices other than Smartphone + App.
The price is cheaper if using smartphone + app. Please contact us for details.

In summer and in direct sunlight, the interior of the car and the device can get very hot. So how durable is the smartphone?

The durability of the smartphone depends on the manufacturer, but as our app acquires location information in the background (power saving), we have taken measures to ensure that the smartphone does not get too hot.
We also offer optional devices to help dissipate heat from your smartphone, so please consider installing these if you are concerned.

Wouldn't it be a burden on the driver to use a smartphone application instead of a plug in device?

By specifying the service information (staff) in advance from the operation management screen, the driver only needs to pick up the smartphone to operate the system, which greatly reduces the burden of the driver.
The information can be set up to several months in advance.

Is it possible to install the system in just one part of the services?

Beside entire services, it is also possible to install in just one route, or just one part of the services.

Do you charge for testing?

Yes. If you would like to see how the system works and how users react to it before the implementation, please feel free to contact us as we can predict the effectivenes of the system.
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